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The High Price of Gas

It seems that, at least here in the US, weíve all had about enough of the current prices at the pump. It also seems that every time the price gets to about where it is now, people start circulating schemes via email, and MySpace Bulletins, to somehow put it to the gas companies. But they all lack the one thing that could actually do the gas companies harm, and actually do the rest of us some good. All of them except one, that is.

Weíve all seen the emails that suggest we donít buy gas on a certain day. Most recently I received a bulletin on my MySpace account suggesting that none of the 73+ million MySpace members buy gas on May 15th. The gas companies LAUGH at you, your bulletins, and your silly emails every time they see them. So what if you donít buy gas on that day. Youíll still drive your car, and youíll make sure that you either have enough gas ahead of time, or youíll fill up afterwards. You arenít doing anything to even remotely hurt the gas companies, or your dependency on gas.

The one email that I have received that has the potential to do some real damage is the one that suggests you stop buying gas from this nations largest, most profitable gasoline company, Exxon/Mobile. A company that big has the power to regulate gasoline prices nationwide. And the way you hurt them is to stop buying their gas. Fill up across the street, or across town if you have to, but donít buy Exxon/Mobil brand gas. If all 73+ million MySpace members were to join in a total boycott of Exxon/Mobil gas, and start purchasing their gas elsewhere, I guarantee that youíd have somebodyís attention; and more than likely, a very positive change for the better.

A better way still is to reduce your own dependency on gas. Ride a bike, or walk, whenever you possibly can. Start a carpool. Donít make a single extra trip anywhere. Get the things you need on your daily commute, or do without them until tomorrowís commute. Combine todayís calendar into tomorrows and donít drive today at all. Sell the SUV and buy a Hybrid. I know the math doesnít always work on that equation today, but I firmly believe that the price of gas is going to continue to rise, and eventually escalate completely out of control, long before any positive steps are made to reduce our gasoline dependency, or the associated price of gas.

Lastly, if you canít, or wonít, reduce your own dependency on, and consumption of gasoline, donít you dare complain at the pump; because you are part of the problem, and thatís a problem for all of us that are trying to make a difference.

Many of you will ask what Iím doing to make a difference. Well, itís simple. I own a bike, and I use it. I drive my truck as little as 2-3 days a week on average. Iíd sell it if I could, but I require itís towing power. So I have to find other ways to conserve. My wife also owns an SUV, but probably not for much longer. Even as I write this post sheís out test-driving a new car. This particular one isnít a hybrid, but a number of hybrids are on the short list. And if I have my way, the final purchase will be a hybrid.

The Hybrid offers me many advantages over and beyond that of incredible fuel savings. Itís a rolling power station for my trailer, and it even letís me power my house (and a couple of neighbors) during a power outage. Its advantages are many, and I consider them to be worth the higher ticket price for the initial purchase; but thatís a topic for a different post.

Oh, and if you want to do something worthwhile on May 15th, choose an alternate mode of transportation that day. If all 73+ million MySpace users were to ride a bike on May 15th, this country would conserve enormous amounts of fuel. Think about it. Even if it were as little as 1 gallon per person (and Iím sure itís actually much, MUCH more), thatís 73+ million gallons saved in a single day! Thatís HUGE Ė and it will get noticed!

On May 15th, I promise that I will not, for any reason, drive my truck, or operate any gasoline-powered devices. Furthermore, I promise to never again purchase gasoline from this nations biggest gasoline company, Exxon/Mobile. The Exxon/Mobile families of brand names are: Exxon, Mobile, Exxon/Mobile, Esso, On the Run, Mobile 1 and Mobile Delvac. You may publicly pledge your support for the same by leaving your comment below. Please join me.

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